Marine Consultancy Services

We carry out pre-purchase inspection, Class and statutory condition surveys including on-hire and off-hire surveys, superintendent attendance service, damage and warranty surveys, assist with OCIMF, OVID, ISM/ISPS. You can rely on us as our experienced and knowledgable personnel deliver quality services at all times.

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Newbuilding and Conversion

Newbuilding and conversion of any scale. Our company provides technical & marine consulting service solutions for ship owners, equity funds, and other financial institutions. Starting with concept development, feasibility studies, planning and specification development and continuing with organization, cost and quality control, progress monitoring, reporting and coordination of all other aspects of a project all the way to commissioning and delivery of the asset.

In-depth Audit of laid-up vessels

Verification of vessel integrity is in the interest of the owner. When a vessel has been laid up over a period of time and it is time to bring it back to operation, you do not want surprises. That is why you need to know the actual state of the vessel during the layup period.


Marine Consultancy Services

Poseidon Offshore provides our clients with precise, confidential, and well-detailed marine consultancy services. Following is the list of services.


- Pre-purchase inspections
- Vessel condition inspections
- Repair inspections
- Drydocking inspections
- Owners / Charterers periodical inspections


- On-hire / Off-hire inspections
- Pre-purchase Surveys
- P&I Entry Surveys
- Damage and Warranty Surveys


- Maritime ISM/ISPS/MLC/ILO Audits
- Quality ISO Audits (9001, 14001, 18001/45001)
- Internal Audits
- Superintendent attendance services,

You can rely on us as our experienced and knowledgable personnel to deliver quality services at all times.

Pre-purchase surveys will include a detailed list of deficiencies, specifications, valuation, and equipment lists. A pre-purchase survey is a thorough inspection of the vessel’s structural, mechanical, and electrical system’s installations, evaluation of operating conditions, and performance.

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Newbuilding and Conversion Projects

Poseidon Offshore offers a wide spectrum of full project lifecycle services for marine and offshore newbuild and refit projects. Services are ranging from early concept development, design reviews and its implementation into real-life building specifications, budget estimate, plan approvals, followed by full on-site project management, progress monitoring, procurement, commissioning, asset delivery and warranty claims management.


In-depth Audit of laid-up vessels

Depending on layup mode,time the vessel is laid up and    ship    type,    the    layup    requirements    and procedures can be completely different from ship to ship. Some owners may find a layup berth with basic services whereas other vessels may be at anchorage, moored at a buoy or moored side by side with other vessel in a raft of vessels. Regardless of the arrangement, the vessel cannot be left   alone and   will   need   some   crew   onboard depending on the layup mode.The layup procedure and manning level approved by the   class, insurersandport   authority sets   the minimum standard of the maintenance activities that shall be carried out during the layup period.However, when the vessels regular crew is replaced with  a  low  cost  layup  crew  and  the  management  is outsourced   to   a   layup   contractor   there   is   little control  from  the  owners  side  how  well  the  vessel actually is looked after.
Poseidon can carry our layup audits on behalf of the ship owner and provide a factual report how well thelayup procedures are implemented and how effectively the procedures are protecting the
integrity of the asset.We have offices strategically located both in Singapore and Brazil and able to attend onboard on short notice.

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